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Support Services

In 2020 the Learning Support Coordinator role was established by the Ministry of Education as a permanent role to support the overseeing of a number of priorities set out by the government to improve learning support in schools.

The Learning Support Department is managed by Bronnie Baxter as the Special Educational Needs coordinator and Learning Support Coordinator along with support staff Rhonda Walker, Bronwyn Mulvihill, Lara Grace, Ursula Purdy, Ruth Hanner and Tui Hall.

The Learning Support department coordinates and implements learning programmes throughout the school as well as services outside of school.

Support Services

We have a range of services available to support the health and wellbeing of our student body. These services are facilitated by the school and in partnership with a range of community organisations.

Key services available to students at Whangamata Area School

Counselling services

These are available to students through the Whangamata community services trust and the Whangamata Youth Trust. The Youth Trust also provides services through a local youth mentor, Greg Laing. Students can self-refer or make an appointment through Mrs Whatley, for Secondary Students, or Mrs Brookes, for Primary aged students.

Public Health Nurse

The Public Health Nurse runs a self-referring clinic each Tuesday between 9am-2pm onsite at Whangamata Area School.

GP Services

A weekly GP Clinic runs at the school between 10:30-12:30pm each Friday. Students can book appointments through Mrs Whatley. Please note due to funding, this service is available only to secondary aged students.

Youth Intact

Specialist drug and alcohol counsellors are available onsite from 9am-12pm each Wednesday. Referrals and appointments can be made through Mrs Whatley.

Lunch Orders

BLACKIES CANTEEN are based in the foyer of the school gym and have hot and cold food & drinks available for sale Tuesday - Friday. Orders should be made through the online booking link below and should be placed before 9am

Blackies Ordering Link

SUBWAY lunch orders are available Tuesday - Friday. Forms are available at the office and lunch orders need to be placed before 9am.

No lunch orders on Mondays. As the year progresses, fundraising groups use Mondays for sausage sizzles / bake sales etc. to raise money for trips, camps, and other things needed.