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Strategic and Annual Plan for Whangamata Area School



Creating connected, engaged lifelong learners through positive, productive partnerships and authentic learning experiences

Values – K.O.R.U.


Whangamata Area School is a co-educational school which offers a unique educational opportunity with schooling from Year 1 through to Year 13.  With a roll of 540 students the school is large enough to have the advantages of a range of specialist teachers and facilities, yet small enough to retain the flexibility and pastoral support individual students need. We are able to offer small class sizes throughout the school. 

Our four core values form the acronym KORU (Knowledge, Organisation, Respect and Unity). The school prides itself on offering excellent opportunities for academic success, and extension and growth of each student as citizen through a range of sporting, cultural, and club opportunities. Many of these are founded on partnerships with local clubs and organisations. 

Area schools have a unique nature; our senior classes are small and provide opportunities for small group and individual support. Most year 11 classes are less than 20 students and many of our year 12 and 13 classes have less than 10 students. Attending an Area School, our students enjoy advantages not offered in other schools:

  • Continuity in their education avoiding the disruption of starting new schools at intermediate and secondary levels;
  • Significant leadership opportunities throughout the school with student voice groups in four different areas.
  • A small senior school giving our students the chance to construct 'tailor made' courses, with close and full support of highly professional staff - the success of which can be seen in our NCEA results
  • Year 1-6 students have access to specialist facilities and staff usually only available for secondary students.

The Board of Trustees and senior management of the school are committed to fostering high expectations of student achievement, uniform and behaviour; student leadership opportunities; and positive, productive relationships with Whanau, parents and friends of the school.