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Years 7-10

The middle school at WAS offers an opportunity for students to build on their foundational learning in a rich natural environment. Students continue their journey in the core learning areas of literacy, numeracy, the sciences, and Physical Education, whilst gradually being exposed to more specialised learning areas throughout the four year journey.

Students are supported as they transition through adolescence with a broad range of learning experiences, encouraging them to explore their passions and curiosities. Students learn about themselves as individuals, and as members of a Whanau through positive and meaningful opportunities to work together. Students will graduate from the “middle years” well prepared for success in the qualification and transition years which follow.


Year 10

Toku Ara (My Path) is a 28 day residential curriculum experience for Year 10 students at WAS. Students live onsite at Wharekawa Lodge, near Opoutere for a month, removed from the distractions of modern technology and focussed on community living, building and understanding their identity, service, as well as academic and outdoor pursuits learning. Students attend Toku Ara in separate boy and girl cohorts. This experience is a unique element of the WAS curriculum and one of the few programmes of its kind in New Zealand state schooling.

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Middle year students at Whangamata Area school in New Zealand.
Middle Years 7-10


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